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Aliannea Sherman

Graduate Student in Computer Science

I am a passionate and creative person, and I enjoy learning and problem-solving. In addition to pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Science with a focus on Software Engineering and Web Development. I am also interested in volunteering for organizations that encourage women and people from under-represented communities to pursue STEM careers. I am currently working to create a Virtual Reality simulation to be used by nursing students for practicing in cultural competence. For this project, we are using Unreal Engine, the Metahuman Creator, and a Vive Pro Eye.


Swim Lessons Survey

A web survey was created using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery to walk parents through list of requirements for each swimming level. If the user input indicates that a child meets all requirements for a specific swim level, the survey ends and the parent is provided with the child’s swim level and goals of the class.
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Waiver App

This Python program uses imap to connect to a Google email address through low-security access and parse liability waivers signed via email. Waiver language is removed using BeautifulSoup and leaves behind the participant’s names. Results are printed out to a CSV file and data is manually input to system.

Waiver App Repo

Snake Game

A classic snake game created using JavaScript and the p5.js library. This game is the perfect cure for your nostalgia.

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Choose Your Own Adventure photo


A simple Choose Your Own Adventure Game, created with Unity and C#. You are taking your dog for a walk when he inconveniently poops on the neighbor's lawn. Will you be a decent person and pick up your dog's poop?

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Block Breaker Game

Your classic Block Breaker game, this was styled as a kid jumping on a bed after bedtime to eat the candy floating in his room. This game was created using Unity and C#.

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Card Matching Game

Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.


Movie Seat Picker

Movie seat picker allows you to click on available seats in a movie theater and see the cost of tickets.

Movie Seat App Demo

Breathing App

The breathing app is a meditation app that guides you in breathing in and breathing out.

Breathing App Demo

Pokemon API Practice

This calls the Poke API and displays pokemon info on cards. It was a really fun and cute project from udemy.

Pokemon Card Demo

Notes App

This small app allows you to create and delete notes.

Notes App Demo